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Hair comb with handle 1_N

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Wooden handmade comb. It's made of pear or apple wood. All combs are hand-painted oil paintings, absolutely no printing. The painting is available in different colors. Can be used and as ornaments for hair. Size 10-22 cm.
Artistically designed and meticulously handcrafted from natural woods, our hair combs are not only the perfect pieces of inspiration, but also the greatest treat for your hair, improving blood circulation and therefore reducing hair loss, dandruff, etc..
This is art for your hair, and a gift that you would cherish and can be passed down to your children.


1 . Plastic and metal brushes are rough on the scalp. Wooden combs are soft and polished. They have a much softer feel than plastic or metal combs. If you have sensitive scalp then wooden combs can prevent bruising or scraping your scalp.
2 . Wooden combs prevent your hair from dying out because it helps to distribute oil from your scalp to hair. The sebum that’s produced on the scalp is distributed throughout the length which prevents your scalp from getting greasy.
3 . Unlike plastic, it doesn’t produce static or snap your hair. Wood has the property to not conduct electricity so it prevents damage from static.
4 . For long hair, wooden combs are best because they evenly distribute hair oils in the length. Your hair appears shiny, they give you hair an even and lustrous look.


Clean them regularly and they’ll last for a lifetime. Never use water to clean wooden combs. Instead use natural oils to clean them.


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